There is an urgent need for high performers. Strong communicators. Creative thinkers who can adapt to a changing needs of the world. Developing these skills requires something different. Something revolutionary. To meet this challenge East Point has reinvented our MBA program to position for success in today’s marketplace.

Professional MBA:

The professional MBA course is designed to focus on the fundamental business challenges. This course comes with the added certificate courses exposing students to new tasks putting them into a practical hands-on workshops, corporate experiences and live case studies.

Qualifying in the Certification courses in Digital Marketing (Google Certification), SAP (ERP), Soft Skills, Tally, Microsoft Excel and interaction during guest lecture Series provide students an abundant opportunity to fortify their talents to excel in the real world.

Global MBA:

MBA program at East Point combines a dynamic classroom experience while exposing students to a global business challenges. In today’s competitive job market, it is very important to strike a winning element which would stand out from the competition. Mastering in global administration course opens doors to unending career opportunities and kindling of new start-ups for entrepreneurial mind-sets.

Qualifying with Certification courses in Digital Marketing (Google Certification), SAP (ERP), Soft Skills, Tally, Microsoft Excel and placement training, students also are offered a foreign trip which covers industry visits to global companies, participating in global seminars, interaction on intercultural business and investment opportunities. Students are provided with a Laptop/ Tablet for their academic quality enhancement.

Approved by AICTE and affiliated to Bangalore University, with Specialization in Marketing, Finance and Human Resource. The students have choice to go in for either dual specialization or single specialization depending upon their interest. In case of dual specialization, the students could opt for any two out of the specialization streams offered by Bangalore University.

Faculty Details:

Sl NoNameDesignationDate of Joining the InstitutionAppointment typeQulificationExperience
1Swetha M SHOD14/05/2014RegularBcom, MBA, Mcom11 Years
2Vidya S PatilAsst.  Professor30/07/2009RegularBBA, MBA, Mcom
( Phd)
14 Years
3Lakshmi Priya BAsst.  Professor01-01-2015RegularBcom, MBA13 Years
4Dr Krishnan HAssoc. Prof07-02-2018RegularBE, MBA, Phd25 Years
5Vinu K KumarAsst.  Professor19/03/2018RegularBcom, MBA9 Years
6G S SreekiranAssoc. Prof07-12-2008RegularMBA , PGDT&D (Phd)8 Years
7Reddy Kumar CVAssoc. Prof07-01-2017RegularMBA (Phd)11 Years
8Y. Muralidhar ReddyAssoc. Prof07-01-2017RegularMBA (Phd)10 Years
9Jithin SaliAssistant Professor07-01-2017RegularMBA4 Years
10Roopa KAssistant Professor07-01-2018RegularMBA10 Years
11Mr. Raghu NAssistant Professor03-01-2018RegularMBA9 Years
12Mr. Sudip ShettyAssistant Professor07-01-2018RegularMBA9 Years
13Nisha RajanAssoc. Prof19/2/2014RegularBBA,MBA17 Years
14Jaya chandra BairiProfessor16/04/2014RegularBE , MTECh, Phd20 Years
15Vijay Kumar DhannurAsst. Professor04-07-2013RegularBsc,MBA10 Years
16Deepti ShetteyAsst. Professor04-07-2014RegularBsc,MBA10 Years
17Vandana NigamLecturer14/05/2014RegularMA, BCOM8 Years
18Raghunandan GLecturer05-12-2014RegularBE,MBA8 Years
19Chaya Devi H BAssoc. Prof14/05/2014RegularBCOM,MBA,MPHIL18 Years
20Gokul GobinathanLecturer20/05/2008RegularBCOM,MBA15 Years
21Rajesh KunnampuramLecturer
(SR Scale)
14/09/2009RegularBCOM,MBA12 Years
22Komala S PLecturer16/08/2010RegularBBM, MBA10 Years
23Ranjith SLecturer02-07-2011RegularBSC,MBA8 Years
24Roopa GovindappaLecturer18/02/2011RegularBSC,MBA8 Years
25Santosh AngadiLecturer18/02/2011RegularBSC,MBA10 Years
26Rashmi RamachandrappaLecturer11-02-2009RegularBSC,MBA10 Years
27Rama ELecturer12-12-2011RegularBcom, MBA10 Years
28Prakash BorahLecturer12-12-2011RegularBA,MBA8 Years
29Ajith KumarLecturer12-07-2011RegularBCOM,MBA8 Years
30Mala RLecturer12-08-2011RegularBBM, MBA5 Years
31Madhu NakhateLecturer01-06-2012RegularBSC,MBA6 Years
32Rajiv S VAsst. Professor18/4/2011RegularBBM,MSC - UK5 Years
33Rekha DLecturer
( SR Scale)
10-02-2012RegularBCOM, MBA6 Years
34Lakshmi K SLecturer21/11/2012RegularBBM, MBA7 years
35Karan KLecturer31/10/2012RegularBE, MBA6 Years
36Ashok H ELecturer09-05-2012RegularBBM, MBA10 Years

Technical Staff:

Sl NoNameLevelDate of Joining the InstitutionProgramQulification
1Arjun KonappaPost Graduate20/07/2009ManagementBSC,Diploma

Admin & Library Staff:

Sl NoNameDate of Joining the InstitutionQulificationOther
1Munegowda N19/12/2011BA, MLISCNET
2Pavithra T N22/03/2011BA, MLISC
3Manjunatha Munimajappa24/01/2011BA
4Suresha M01-01-2011BSC, MLISC
5Bharathi B26/06/2009BCA