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This is the great moment of pride and honour to extend a warm welcome to all aspirants to ‘EAST POINT COLLEGE OF HIGHER EDUCATION’ which bestows knowledge in young minds who seek vision and value to inculcate a paradigmatic shift in their life and career.

Our management is committed to oversee this well imbibed transition into the budding managers, entrepreneurs, innovators, administrators who seek and crave to transcend from good to great is nurtured in a quality manner which serves as a base for their excellent growth all along their life. We also duly strive to indoctrinate knowledge,skills,attitudes and values in a methodical manner a 360 degree growth so as to convert the student community not only as domain experts in but also as socially responsive in a creative way as future leaders .

At EPCHE it is always a blend of state of the art curriculum structured by the world class Bangalore University with EPCHE ‘s cutting edge value added courses to make students agile and innovative to serve for a larger global vision in the days to come. In EPCHE the student life is thoroughly transformative with an awareness filled aspirational approach. This has been continually proven by our strong alumni who have created their niche in the society also as the stepping stone for a lifelong learning in serving the purpose of existence.

EPCHE dynamically elucidates the learning outcome in a depthful way to match with the demands of emerging Industry 4.0. The very purpose of the Course delivery at EPCHE is to be highly intuitive and utterly informative aiming to build cognitive skills deeply ingrained into the knowledge domain of our students. Welcome to EPCHE all of you definitely cherish your memories with great success by being with us.